The third edition of Jazz for Kids

If you've ever wondered who can listen to jazz, the answer is very simple: anyone. But when we have to learn what this style really means ... who helps us?

Sibiu Jazz Festival Foundation continues this year a program loved by many: Jazz for Kids. If you are between 3 and 12 years, you are curious and full of energy come to Sibiu together with your parents from 17th to 20th of May!

You will have the chance to discover what it takes to play drums, bongos, djembes or a tambourine. If you are already familiar with these instruments or you want to learn more about them, then Jazz for Kids is the place where you should be! Percussionist Andrei Marcovici will explain the importance of each musical instrument he promises that he will not be alone!

Alex Mercado - a Mexican jazz composer and pianist, Luca Ciarla - one of the most original jazz artists in recent years and Vali Boghean - a well-known artist in Chisinau; are just some of the artists who will join the little ones.

Come to the Big Square in Sibiu where stories will be brought to life in jazz rhythms!