Sibiu Jazz Festival's history through posters created along its 47 years of existence

Stefan Orth was born in Central Europe, in Nagyszekely village, in February 3, 1945. In 1962 he graduated the School of Crafts in Oradea, fine ceramics section. In 1967 he graduated the Art High School in the same city, in 1971 graduated theology and in 1976 he obtained a degree in Plastic Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts Bucharest.

Between 1971-1972 he studied bizanthology at the Orthodox Theological Institute in Bucharest. Stefan Orth is member of the Romanian Plastic Artists Union (Between 1998 and 2006 he has been member of the National Council and President of the Sibiu’s subsidiary of the Union). He is also a member of the Barabas Miklos craft.

During the years he has organized over 60 personal exhibitions both in Romania and abroad and has actively participated in various national and international biennials and triennial exhibitions with his drawings, paintings, applied graphics or engravings. Starting with the ’70s, the artist has created unique posters for Sibiu Jazz Festival. Stefan Orth let his imagination create great graphics revealing the link between jazz music and the beautiful architecture of Sibiu.

Therefore, between 8th and 21st of May we proudly invite you to admire his talent put into our festival’s posters at the exhibition organized in the Art Gallery of UAP, located in the Big Square no 12, Sibiu.