Romanian artists promote their music through live concerts

The Romanian Jazz Meeting project, new to the scene of Sibiu Jazz Festival, provides audiences with an insight into the secrets of Romanian jazz music. The project has been a launching pad for Romanian musicians to the international jazz stage.

The project aims to be close to the heart of Romanian jazz and to the Romanian jazz industry, as an essential part of this music genre in our country. The project will thus provide constant support to Romanian jazz musicians. With this first edition of the project, Romania joins countries such as Hungary, Poland, Germany, Norway, Luxembourg and Belgium, where such "Jazz Meetings" are organized on a regular basis, with a view to promoting local musicians to Europe's largest jazz network: Europe Jazz Network (133 organizations in 33 countries).

Romanian Jazz Meeting is actually the only project in the country that encourages Romanian artists to promote their music through concerts organized both for audiences coming to Sibiu from all over the world and for Romanian and international jazz promoters, critics and journalists. This project will give Romanian jazz musicians a chance to share the stage of Sibiu Jazz Festival with some of the most prominent international jazz artists of the moment and to delight the audience with ambitious musical projects.

Jazzappella, the best-known and most competitive Romanian vocal sextet, will be the first of the jazz bands promoted by the Romanian Jazz Meeting project to perform on the stage of Sibiu Jazz Festival, on Thursday, May 18th. The delightful atmosphere will be kept up by the Accord Vibes band, followed by an extraordinary concert performed by the unconventional jazz musician Irina Popa.

On Friday, May 19th, the Small Square will reverberate with the positive vibes of DJazz & Happy Sins and the first edition of Romanian Jazz Meeting will end with an extraordinary piano performance by Peter Sarosi Azara.