Sculpture exhibition as part of Focus Jazz, by Eugen Petri

Sibiu Jazz Festival Foundation organizes an exhibition with a different approach as part of its’ well known project Focus Jazz. The exhibition “Jazz – Soul and Shape” by the Sibiu born sculptor Eugen Petri, represents the artist’s passion for jazz music.

Eugen Petri manages to translate the soul of the sound, the emotion jazz music wakes up both in the musician and in the audience. The artist discovered sculpture at the age of 14 due to an extracurricular program he took part. That was the beginning of a long and beautiful journey through which he put his soul in works of art admired in many exhibitions all around the world. He finds his inspiration in history, mythology and jazz and his works come to life in materials such as bronze, wood, iron, marble or clay.

Disciple of master Kurtfritz Handel, Eugen Petri entered into the jazz atmosphere by the age of 12-13, having the privilege of growing in Sibiu, the capital of jazz in Romania. In 2005, the artist found the inspiration to combine into a perfect harmony his two passions: sculpture and jazz. This is how took birth the 19 works of art that reveal the feelings jazz musicians have while playing their instruments. Eugen Petri describes his opera “Jazz – Soul and Shape” in a manner in which he reveals perfectly the feelings he had while creating it: “the plastic representation of jazz in my works is a framing of realistic forms and colours which describe, in a humorous manner, the feelings musicians have during their performance and their unique movements during shows.”

The Painter Florin Sutu about the project “Jazz – Soul and Shape”: ”I would rather call this exhibition of Eugen Petri a confession of the happiness of the artist of living in the proximity of, or more often within music, jazz. It is all about a confession of the artist who is trying – just like Nikita Stanescu was resounding any atom – to decompose music and rearrange it, reintegrate it in three-dimensionality, to confer the music, if it is possible, materiality and no in the meaning of the popular term, but rather a materiality in the meaning of an elegant and subtle spatiality. Eugen Petri reminds me of the Scandinavian sonorities through the refinement of the line, of the hidden emotional charge. “

The 19th sculptures will be exposed for visitors at the Tourist Information Center of the Sibiu City Hall during 24th of April – 7th of May. The exhibition continues between 8 – 21st of May and the statues will be exposed for the public at The Art Gallery of UAP, in the Big Square no 12, Sibiu.

We hereby invite you between the 24th of April and 21st of May to a wonderful journey into art’s world, a journey through which we will discover together the harmony created by the combination of two arts: jazz and sculpture.