Exhibition created by artist Tibor Jakab, specially for Sibiu Jazz Festival.

The artworks were first presented to the public as part of Focus Jazz exhibition on the occasion of SJF 2016

Tibor has graduated from New York Institute of Photography in 1995 and has developed a fantastic career in visual arts. His works have been on display in over 50 countries across 5 continents, having received 865 international awards among which 192 golden medals. In his 24 years of journalistic career and working as a freelance photo reporter he has published over 100.000 photographies as illustrations for 1500 articles and press reports. Among the publishing houses that have used his artistic photographies are: The Journal, British Journal of Photography, Foto Spiegel Magazine, Photo Taipei etc.

Tibor Jakab: The design of „Jazz Body Sounds” collection has been a new challenge for me. Music and body. Sounds and forms. Erotism? The collection expresses the love for music by the symbolism of the erotic dance of the female body and musical instruments.

We therefore admire a perfect synergy between musical instruments and human body lines. The model appears to be making symbolic love to the instrument that represents the music and which creates the wonderful sounds of life that enrich our existance. To quote Ansel Adams: "The negative is the equivalent of the composer's score and the print the performance"

The lines and forms of the female body are perfect. These lines and forms were carefully designed by God, the Supreme Designer. And therefore, rendering the value of the beauty of human body is one of the most difficult photography themes and thus compliments the artist who manages to attract the eyes of the audience and communicate to them his sensitive nature: „It is an enormous joy for me when I manage to present this enchanting beauty considering the perfection that the Great Designer attached to these forms and lines. I believe that this perfection is somewhat impossible to be presented, the artist merely tries the impossible and reveals this beauty to the world by making best usage of his knowledge and talent” (T.J.)

We hereby invite you to enjoy the magic of Tibor’s art and to remember Ansel Adams’ conclusion: "There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer.