Cooking lessons with Oana Igretiu from SavoriUrbane.com

The gastronomy event is organized in partnership with SavoriUrbane.com, a culinary blog born out of the passion for fine cuisine, travel, arts and music. We hereby invite you to take part in our “home cooking” show accompanied by a touch of vintage flavors and finest jazz rhythms.

Oana Igretiu will prepare most delicious homemade dishes from Transylvanian cuisine, a fusion of ethnic tastes and flavors coming from Austrian, Hungarian, German and Serbian cuisine. Oana will walk us through the recipes, one step at a time, and will share a part of her cooking techniques and tips so that everyone attending would be able to learn and practice in their own kitchen.

See you in The Small Square from Thursday, 18th to Sunday, 21st May, included. Mmmmm, smells good!

About SavoriUrbane.com

Despite of its young age, only 3 years online, “Savori Urbane” blog, is visited on a monthly basis by over a million readers. The recipes are accompanied by photographs describing all the phases of the cooking process and are fairly simple ones and can be prepared by anyone passionate enough to undertake the challenge.

"I started cooking at 10 years old, while helping my mother. These days I don't have that much time for cooking. I do it once or twice per week and I in weekend I manage do to more. During holidays I unleash in the kitchen, but I don't exaggerate. I listen to a lot of jazz and that inspires me. I like traveling, road tripping through lesser-known places. I seek authenticity in everything" - Oana Igretiu