Donate your 2% for musical education

Romania has the privilege to raise talented children and we, as adults, have the duty to cultivate their talent and to support their passion, thus helping them create a beautiful future for themselves.

You can also support Romania's talented children to become renowned performing artists. Join the "Jazz for Kids" campaign, organized by Sibiu Jazz Festival and redirect 2% of your annual income taxation.

Donating your 2%, you take control over the taxation that the state claims on an annual basis and also further invest in your child’s musical education as well as supporting other talented children with a disadvantaged social background.

Did you obtain income from salaries or pension funds in 2016?
Did you obtain income from free-lance activities in 2016?
The forms can be submitted to ANAF as following:

1. Register at ANAF local headquarter

2. Send by post with confirm receipt

3. Online registration at

The deadline for submission is May, 25th, 2017.