Integration of different styles is the musical aim of Golden Buddha Jazz Band.

Their music combines the system o modern Western music and the elements of Chinese music. They always explore the combination of Eastern and Western music cultures.

The charm of Golden Buddha’s music comes from the Eastern and Western music's combination. Golden Buddha Jazz Band represents the top level of domestic jazz music. Their works are the perfect fusion between the elements of Chinese music and jazz.

Besides usual instruments, the musicians use traditional Chinese instruments such as: the Chinese flute, which can be dated back to around 7,000 years ago; the San Xian, a traditional Chinese string instrument; Chinese Ruan, which was firstly designed as a special instrument to perform when riding on horsebacks during weddings or other celebration marches. The last instrument is the Xun, a unique open-ended wind instrument, that was made to mimic the sound of birds and animals in order to lure them for hunting.


Kong Hongwei - piano

Adam Huang - electric bass

Shao Haha - dums

Wang Bingkun - Chinese Ruan, Sanxian

Zhang Zhongzhong - Chinese flute, Xun

Wang Zongxing – Saxophone