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Hug the Mug

From dawn, each morning, we start the espresso machines That give to our guests an almost perfect coffee, a premium 100% Arabica type, primarily through the “To Go” concept. We want them who do cross our path to taste a quality espresso and not only, that’s why we are fighting for:
• Constantly creating high quality products to which we only add fresh ingredients;
• Creating a sustainable Cafe for serving customers
• Provide trusted services

We transformed the commitment to produce quality products into passion. We wish that our customers witness that, which is why we have chosen to have transparency in the process preparation. Hug the Mug is not just the place where guests have part of a welcoming and correct service, but also the place where they are placed first. To make a friend out of our coffee or just to discover the Hug The Mug experience, we invite you in the two locations.

Address: Nicolae Balcescu, 20, Sibiu
Calea Dumbravii, 16, Sibiu
Tel:0740128036 (Nancy Panța, Administrator)
0743090639 (Paul Bahnean, Administrator)

Do you want to unwind at coffee? Or read a newspaper quietly? Or use the internet? Listen to good music? Or to meet for a chat with your friends? Or just waste your time? (hmm, that should not be said!) For all this there is ATRIUM CAFE.

In the evening? Eeeh, the evening is different ... that's more special. Piano Evenings, Cafe Theater, with concerts with known Romanian bands, the daily photography exhibitions, make Atrium Classic Cafe really "a different café".

Best coffee? It's a matter of taste ... The same goes for music. No matter how you like your coffee or your music, we invite you to: The Luxembourg House of Small Square, near the Bridge of Lies.

Address: Piaţa Mică nr. 16, Sibiu
Tel:0723 287 486